Investor Relations


Pryce Corporation’s shares are traded in the Philippine Stock Exchange; it is assigned the stock symbol ‘PPC’. The company is mainly engaged in the development of first-class memorial parks and the sale of memorial plots therein; it operates twelve (12) beautifully maintained memorial parks located in the main cities of Mindanao and other strategic areas thereof. In the past, it had developed upscale residential subdivisions and commercial properties.

The company is a parent to two subsidiaries: Pryce Gases, Inc. (PGI) and Pryce Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PPhI). PGI is a major player in the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) business; it imports, stores, and distributes LPG. PGI is also into the manufacturing and marketing of industrial gases. PPhI, is a new subsidiary that was acquired in July 2015; it is a wholesaler and distributor of private branded multi-vitamins and some 'over-the-counter' generic drugs.

Investor Relations Policy

The Company seeks to provide its shareholders, investors, and the public pertinent information in a timely manner, about the company’s financial condition, results of operations, material information, events & transactions. The Company adheres to a policy of full, fair, and timely disclosure to investors and stakeholders.


To provide relevant information that is factual, clear and organized

To ensure that the acts of the Company in relation to the shareholders, investors, and the public comply with the rules and regulations of the company, Securities & Exchange Commission, Philippine Stock Exchange, and applicable Philippine laws

Manner of Communication

  • Press Releases
  • Annual & Special (if any) stockholders' meeting
  • Periodic company disclosures
  • Annual Reports and Financial Results
  • Quarterly Financial Reports
  • Arranged Meetings with Investors
  • Response to calls and emails

Analysts and investors may contact us at:

Investor Relations

17th floor Pryce Center
1179 Chino Roces Ave. corner Bagtikan St.
Makati City, 1203 Philippines


If you wish to know more or inquire about Pryce Corporation please click Contact Us whereby you can reach us thru phone or send us an inquiry message. This page also gives you access to the company’s latest Quarterly and Annual Reports, including information on current PPC share prices and the top 100 shareholders.

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